Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

047 Bridge Photo 01 Photo Jeroen Verrecht
047 Bridge Photo 02 Photo Jeroen Verrecht
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Near the former Citroën garage, the temporary intervention Bridge connected two busy areas in the centre of Brussels. The installation was conceived for the city festival Playground Kanal. Through the staging of a series of events, the festival sought to bring out the potential of the canal as a connecting space, rather than a dividing one. Bridge creates a connection between the municipality of Molenbeek and the city of Brussels, right in the very neighbourhood the festival was focusing on. Moreover, the location of the temporary pedestrian bridge precisely corresponds with the location where a permanent bridge had been planned for a long time.

The temporary bridge is made up of objets trouvés. Two mobile cranes are connected together and placed horizontally with a custom-made joint in the middle. The central point of the bridge is slightly elevated, creating more room under the bridge for passing ships. But it also has an important scenographic quality. Visitors stepping onto the bridge are unable see the other side. Standing in the middle, however, they find themselves on the highest point and are treated with a panoramic view over the canal. On both banks, the crane structures rest on concrete blocks that are used as counterweights for tower cranes.

Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB)


Havenlaan, Brussels (BE)

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