Gijs Van Vaerenbergh


The former bacteriological institute in Leuven, a monumental building from the late nineteenth century, is characterized by a tall threefold arched window in the center aisle of the façade. Today it is still owned by the KU Leuven university and houses studios for artists. In the framework of a yearly curated program of interventions in and on the building, a grid of tube lights was mounted behind the windows. The grid resembles early digital displays and permits the highlighting of one character in each window.
For this collaborative installation, artists, architects and philosophers were invited to submit a quote to be presented to the residents of Leuven. The rigid format, which displays only three characters at the same time encouraged a radical approach and prompted passers-by to pause and slowly read the quote.

KU Leuven

BAC ART LAB, Leuven (BE)

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